Dad 2.0

I am a stay-at-home dad.

It's been about four months now since we made the big change. Though I still work part-time a couple nights a week, I am home every day, all day, with my two boys. I had been doing that before, just working five nights too -- I used to refer myself as a second-shift dad. It became too much, even before child No. 2 was born, and that, along with several other reasons, is why I racheted back.

The transition has been all right. Not yet complete -- I'm still trying to get routines down, avoid going to bed too late on my more nights off (and not feeling the need for a nap the next day) and getting the laundry done more often. Nevertheless, it's been a good move for me and my family.

Another goal for this blog is to chronicle my days and experiences as an SAHD. Even if I had kept working full-time, I had contemplated blogging just to write down my experiences as a dad. The kids are growing up faster than I can fathom -- Littlest just turned 1 today. Blogging won't slow that down, but at least it will give me an additional record of what it was like.


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