Mild outrage, part II

Another item in a magazine annoyed me again today.

A couple weeks ago in Sports Illustrated, there was a story on how girls' flag football is taking off as a spring high school sport in Florida. In the current issue, there is a letter to the editor from a guy in Oklahoma who writes a reminder to the high school girls forsaking track and softball for flag football, that although flag football might be fun, it won't get them a college scholarship.

I can only imagine that the writer of the letter is a high school track or softball coach who feels threatened that his sport might get gutted if flag football is introduced in football-crazy Oklahoma. Wasn't the point of high school sports to build character, work as a team and, ultimately, have fun? Maybe this isn't a coach, but one of those parents so overinvolved in his child's athletic career who will sue the school district if his daughter doesn't get enough playing time, because it's ruining her chance to get a scholarship and his chance to save some money.

We're trying to find a 3- to 4-year-old soccer league for Eldest in the fall. The first step to his college scholarship, forget any fun he might have. Seriously, it's this sort of attitude that creates, I bet, half of the overbearing sports parents out there, the ones that scream at coaches, referees and coaches and Little League games. Urgghhhhhhhh!

OK, outrage complete.


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