Repetitive stress syndrome

Going through another posting lull, mostly because I've really thrown my efforts into the NFL blog and there was much other stuff to do this week. Today, I'm going to write about one of Eldest's favorite songs. No, not from Paul McCartney, but from children's television.

For several weeks now, Eldest out of the blue will start singing "Hold tight, hold tight, hold tight, hold tight." We couldn't figure out what song he was singing. I thought maybe "Hold on Tight" by ELO, but when was he going to hear that and internalize it so much. Maybe it was something he learned a Terrific Tots? We had no clue.

Then, Saturday morning, Wife wakes me up, and on the TV is "The Backyardigans." On this kids show, the Backyardigans are singing "Hold on Tight (hold tight)" The characters are pretending to be Vikings and are stuck in a ocean whirlpool. It now made more sense: Every time Eldest sang this song, he was running in a circle around a dividing wall in our house. He was pretending to make be stuck in the whirlpool while he sang.

I then made an egregious mistake -- I bought the songs on iTunes, put it on my iPod, and hooked up the iPod to our car radio. Naturally, the Eldest wanted to hear it while we were driving. Over, and over, and over. When I synced my iPod today, it uploads all the data into iTunes, where I discovered we had listened to "Hold on Tight" 19 times in one day. The song is only 1:20 long, but that's 23 minutes of auditory use I'm never getting back.

The worst part -- the last few days, I have found myself randomly singing it. Thankfully, I'm not running around at the same time.


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