No Happy Meal, just a Grimace

Haven't posted in a few days, been working and also busy with the other blog. Yes, the other blog, I'm writing an NFL blog for Skinny Moose Media. There's a link to the second blog on the side of this page; it's not too flashy yet but I'm hoping to get some more work done on it this week.

Enough with the advertising. Eldest was a classic 3-year-old today, missing a chance for a Happy Meal for the second straight swim lesson. Both boys take 10-minute private swim lessons at our old pool, which includes a kiddie pool. I've been letting Eldest play in the kiddie pool after his lesson while I get Littlest changed out of his trunks. The last two lessons I've been offering to get a Happy Meal for lunch on the way home, and for two lessons, Eldest misbehaved himself out of the Happy Meal.

Simply, he hasn't removed himself from the kiddie pool when I asked him to. I've given him plenty of reminders ("10 minutes!", counted him out, provided warnings that he was losing his Happy Meal. For two lessons now, he didn't obey and we simply went home for lunch. I know he's 3, which isn't the best age for listening, and yes, he was having fun and I don't want to cut that short (and wouldn't have if Littlest wasn't tired and shivering, the little dude is sooooo skinny), but I'm amazed (or maybe just discovering) that repeated instructions, with consequences, just don't get through sometimes. I almost wavered because he wasn't as belligerent as last week, but decided against McDonald's.

Hopefully he learns (he wasn't happy that I said no to the Happy Meal), maybe for next time, especially because I'm in the mood for a Big Mac.


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