Running wild

I am back in running mode, the most serious running mode I've entered in at least 10 years. In the last six weeks, by my count, I've run 21 times. Before I brag too much, it should be noted I'm following a program that gets you running-proficient slowly -- you run for an interval, then walk for a minute, and so on, for 20 minutes; gradually, the amount of running is increased until you are running for 20 minutes straight. I'm guessing I still have about 6 weeks until I'm at that 20 minutes consistently, but I've enjoyed the journey so far.

This gradual return is necessary for me simply because I'm not much of a natural runner, even though I ran track in high school. I'm starting now, because come June, I'm running on a team in the Wasatch Back -- a 128-mile relay. After Wife ran last year's, her friend who assembled the team asked if I wanted to try it this year. I was apprehensive, but it sounded like fun and I knew I would have to get back into running shape, which I've wanted to do for years. So far, so good. I thought it might be rough, but as I increase the running interval every few workouts -- and handle it -- I'm becoming more confident I'll be ready come June.

Now, if the weather will stay warm enough to run outside (I finally did Saturday, but otherwise it has been indoors on a small track). Just because I'm running again doesn't mean I have to run in the cold like I did in high school.


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