Super Sunday

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and I'm not working it for a change. I didn't work it last year, but I was actually ill and didn't go into the office.

I'm watching the game right now and doing a little blogging. Bruce Springsteen at halftime was great, and the commercials haven't sucked.

It's been a long Sunday, beginning with taking one of our cats to the vet. Iago has Cushing's disease and his skin rips really easily; he just had about 40 stitches removed from his back over the last two weeks. This morning, we woke up to discover he got his cone off and groomed himself a new wound on his back. Luckily, it wasn't bad and he didn't need any more stitches.

Sunday got better from there, culminating with watching the Super Bowl. If you name the Super Bowl (going back to 1978), I can tell you where I watched it. It's just one of those events that I remember from year to year. And this year, I'm glad I'm not in the office.


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