Super 6

I was at the park with Eldest yesterday and felt a twinge of jealousy -- age 6 is definitely a cool age.

We got to the park, and almost immediately, Eldest met a kid his age and became friends. He does this so naturally: Finding a new playmate quickly and easily. I think this other boy might have been about 8 but was Eldest's height (kind of an advantage of him being so tall). The two played the entire time we were at the park.

I was sitting on the bench watching them wander away from the playground to a small grassy embankment above the exercise playground (this park is actually the playgrounds of the grade school near us). The two of them were exploring, making up an elaborate story in their pretend play that also involved clues (Eldest brought two of these "clues" home -- parts of a broken Frisbee).

Besides being impressed again how easy Eldest makes friends, I couldn't help but be a little nostalgic. Eldest's imagination was on overdrive, but it was purely imagination with nothing to get in the way of it. We lose that pure imagination as we get older, replaced with a more practical imagination, if that makes sense. Hopefully, Eldest doesn't lose too much.


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