The damn DVR

I love our DVR, even though it's ultimately nagging and nagging me.

The DVR is wonderful to record shows that I wouldn't otherwise get a chance to watch live (and you can forget about setting the VCR anymore; I don't think I even remember how). However, I am so backed up on shows I haven't gotten to, it's frustrating -- I just don't have time to watch all this (especially when the DVR is catching more and more shows I've set to record each week). Right now, I have two episodes of "Friday Night Lights" (from November), six of "Caprica," two of "V" (I'm at least catching up), at least four hours of tornado specials, some MLB Network stuff and Ken Burns' whole national parks miniseries just waiting to be viewed.

The frustrating part is, I don't want to watch this much TV, and I certainly don't have time every night to camp out and watch 2-3 hours of shows. So I procrastinate to avoid procrastinating in other areas of my life. All thanks to my wonderful DVR.


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