Hip and uncool

I did something to my hip Saturday, and I can't figure out what. I was in between coaching soccer games, I took what seemed like a normal step, and suddenly, my right hip below the corner of the hip bone started to hurt. It's been sore since, and my lower back has tightened up in overcompensation.

I don't think it's anything severe and is merely, as my Wife put it, a side effect of being 40 -- occasionally, these unexplained aches and pains make an appearance. I did a hard boot camp workout last week that might have strained something that took three days to actually hurt. I don't know. I do know I'm annoyed. I wanted to run this weekend but couldn't; I could have done some yard work yesterday but couldn't; and I have to conduct a soccer practice today and don't know how. I want to get out and move but can't.

My hip is feeling better today, maybe because I did some light housework and, as Wife theorized, worked out some of the lactic acid. But I'm still hobbled. I don't feel 40. I wish my hip currently thought the same way.


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