Back in business

My blog is back. Hurray!

Several days ago, a phishing e-mail that popped into the account connected to The 43 was apparently flagged by a spambot (an automated program that looks for spam and robo-posting) and shut me down. After a couple hoops, my blog was restored, and after many crazy days last week, I'm finally posting again.

Spring finally arrived here in Utah, although the few sunny days we enjoyed is giving way to a few rainy/chilly days again (just in time for Mother's Day). But leaves are finally sprouting on our trees, and small blades of grass are just beginning to poke through on our lawn where I put down some EZ seed. May is going to be busy, and our summer is taking shape. The last few sunny days, though busy, have been fun and a nice reminder that spring has been worth the wait.


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