Weekend at Joey's

Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching. The first unofficial weekend of summer. Going from the Friday of this weekend in through the Monday of Labor Day weekend, summer is 102 days long. I want to cram as much fun and activty into those 102 days as possible.

Just not this weekend.

Memorial Day weekend as a kid usually included baseball, a barbecue at my grandmother's house (an aunt and uncle both had birthdays around this weekend), warm weather and the WLS top 500 songs of all-time. As I got older, Memorial Day was a weekend Wife and I were always on vacation, trying to take advantage of the holiday to get an extra day of vacation. With us pushing our big vacation into July since the kids were born, Memorial Day weekend returns to being about no work, some sort of radio music extravaganza, and the knowledge that summer has arrived.

Alas, the last few years, the weather has not cooperated, and it's not supposed to cooperate this weekend in Utah again with three days of rained forecast. I would be bummed about that if I wasn't looking forward to a Saturday with no baseball, soccer or work (or some combination thereoff -- for the first time in weeks. Though our outdoor choices may be limited, it's just that: choices instead of commitments. The commitments aren't necessarily bad or undesired. But one weekend with just choices, with freedom to do whatever we want, will should be re-energizing, particularly after all the birthday stuff, school and sports of the past few weeks.

That said, I'll be happier if the sun's out this weekend. The first days of summer should feel like summer.


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