Green thoughts

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, but today was the parade in Salt Lake City. We've been part of this parade for five years now, previously with the boys' preschool, and now with their grade school. I'm sort of wondering what it's like to actually watch the parade instead of march in it. But I don't want to find out anytime soon.

This year, the school didn't have a float or a truck hauling the student band. It was just kids on their bikes and scooters and parents walking along side. However, we did bring one extra guest: Popcorn, our dog. She wore a green t-shirt, behaved and wasn't too overly excited (I thought she'd go bananas in the presence of the Irish wolfhounds), though she did pull a little bit once we started parading. And she was a star, with many kids wanting to pet her.

The boys had fun, too, parading with their friends. Luckily, the weather was warm and sunny, not cold and rainy as in past years. After returning home, we went to lunch at Blue Plate Diner near our house, then eventually went to some friends' annual St. Patrick's Day party.

I have felt so tired all week. I can't seem to get to sleep early, nor could I fall back asleep so easily after being awakened in the morning. And this was all despite the warm weather. It's just a mini-rut, one I think I can bust with the new week. Our green day was a good prelude the imminent week ahead.


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