Spring, Day 8

This was the perfect spring afternoon I'd been waiting for.

I was actually inside working on some freelance stuff most of the morning and early afternoon. I took Popcorn to buy dog food at PetSmart, dropped her off and went to pick up the boys from school. After we got home, we went to Ben's baseball practice. The practice went well on the partly sunny, warm spring late afternoon. On his first time on the batting machine this year, Ben got four hits in only about 10 at-bats -- a big improvement over last year when he got only three hits all season during games.

We returned home and ate dinner, then I took Popcorn for a walk to a little wooded area near Emigration Creek where I can take her off leash. I threw a tennis ball to her, usually uphill to get her good and exercised. We walked back to the house and settled in for the night.

I'll admit, the day wasn't that eventful. But it was sunny and warm (low 60s, but it felt great) and was a reminder of how nice spring days can be.


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