Spring, Day 2

So less than eight hours after my decision to blog spring, it snowed in Salt Lake City.

Thankfully, it wasn't a lot of snow, and it all melted by mid-afternoon. But baby, it's cold outside, and is supposed to stay that way (highs in the 30s) for the next few days.

These are my two favorite sports days of the year: the first two days of the NCAA Tournament. So after running some errands, I watched basketball most of the afternoon, including a 59-58 lucky victory by Marquette. I'm guessing I'll watch even more hoops tomorrow.

Not all the basketball was of the NCAA variety. Michael played his last basketball game of the season (I counted 25 for him among three leagues) on the JCC team that I coached. We only had four players at game time, but the other coach was cool and we went 4-on-4 until our fifth player arrived. And we finished with a victory: 18-10, with Michael scoring 12 points and grabbing at least 15 rebounds. Playing on the short court, 5-on-5 can get a little crowded, but 4-on-4 opened things up for us to get a lot of shots and rebounds. Unfortunately, Michael's shooting was way, way off in the first quarter -- maybe he was too wide open. He could have scored 20 if he didn't have the temporary kink in his shot. We had lost to our opponent twice this year, so it was a good way to finish off the season.


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