Slow motion Thursday

I didn't drink even one beer for my birthday Wednesday. Yet somehow, Thursday felt like I had a birthday hangover.

No, I didn't have a headache (and can I just say, I so do not miss hangovers) today, but rather, just felt slow all day. I went to the dentist in the morning, dropped off a prescription and Costco and grabbed a quick sandwich at Jimmy John's, and then came home, ready to be productive. But aside from some freelance work, I was mostly a blog for a few hours this afternoon.

The boys came home from school, I drove them to the JCC for Ben's swim practice and to let Michael shoot around (he's so excited for basketball season), we picked up pizzas from Papa Murphy's, came home and ate dinner, and played Kaijudo (a collectible card game Ben has discovered) with the boys and watched football. And then ... a few more hours of blob, watching TV and otherwise not being productive again. I decided against taking the dog for a long walk and instead just took her around the block. Finally, after 11, I settled in with my laptop to work some more. This blog post will conclude the night, as is the cup of tea I'm drinking.

These blah days sometimes drive me up the wall. Sometimes I think I need them, and sometimes I wonder why I'm so tired. I'm hoping Friday will be more productive. In the meantime, the load of laundry I did manage to start this afternoon is still sitting in the washing machine. It can wait until tomorrow.


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