The little gridiron

Tonight was Michael's last flag football game of the season. His team, after playing decent defense all season, somehow fell asleep tonight and lost. Still, it was a real low-key league to begin with, and the goal was of course have fun.

I think Michael had fun playing flag football, but I'm not totally sure. The players were almost all from his school but a year older, and they seemed to pass to each other a lot. These boys play at school during recesses, but Michael never tries to join in. I don't think he's intimidated, but he is a little shy, plus most of his good school friends aren't much into sports. Given the choice, he hangs out with his peeps, which is fine -- he gets enough sports outside of school. -- but I think he would have felt more comfortable if he got to know his teammates outside of practice and games. Indeed, his best friend on the team was a third-grader -- the only non-fifth grader on the team -- who was in his 1/2 class a couple years ago.

That said, Michael was enthusiastic to play and said he would play again. We'll never let him play tackle football, so this is a good outlet to get him some gridiron. I hoped it would get him understanding the game a little more as well. He made a few good plays on defense during the season, but there were times he looked, well, bored. Maybe unfocused? For example, the team would be ready to start the play, and instead of getting at least a little bit set, he'd be playing with his flags (I'd yell out for him to be ready). That's why basketball and soccer are better sports for him -- he has no time to let his mind wander.

Basketball did start this week for him, and he's way excited to be playing again. After a fall of three sports, we're back to one. OK, he's in two leagues, but you get the idea ...


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