Summer 2015: days 92-108

Two weeks. No blogging. Ugh.

The boys are back in school, and the routine I sought is just about set. But it's been a tiring two weeks. Work has seemed to drain all my creative energy and has been souring my mood. I feel like I gained back 10 of the 25 pounds I lost in the spring. I see things around the house that need to be done, yet I can't quite find the wherewithal to work on them. That goal to hit the waterpark one more time before summer ended felt like too much of a chore. Fantasy football drafts are in full swing, yet I've had no time to do my usual preparations. I've been taking my laptop to Ben's baseball games to work.

It's an end-of-summer blah, one that I think I need the end of summer, at least by my calendar, to cure. The NFL season starts Thursday, and when it does, I close the curtain on Summer 2015. I'm in no rush for the weather to cool, but I'm ready for a little change of mood.

The last two weeks haven't been terrible, just weary. Some of the highlights:

  • We took the boys to Golden Spike National Historic Site in northern Utah this past Saturday, then went to the Great Salt Lake to see the Spiral Jetty. The lake is so low right now, you can walk out a half mile across the salt-encrusted bed before you get to the water. The scene was so surreal; it definitely was matching my recent mood.
  • Yesterday, we took the boys golfing at Mick Riley's par-3 course. Both of them did well, though we we were liberal on their scores. I shot a 40, including a birdie on the No. 9 that I chipped in.
  • Ben played three baseball games, and his team won twice. He doesn't have a hit yet but is having fun.
  • Michael had his tryout for his club basketball team; he is hoping to land a spot on the select team -- we will find out this week.
  • I'm back in co-op mode at the boys' school. Soccer is starting up as well for Ben, and I'm back as coach.
There must be more, but nothing is readily coming to mind. Yeah, my mood is sour, as distant as the salty lake bed in the hot sun. I'm hoping the short week turns my outlook around.


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