Summer 2015: Day 110 -- The Last Day of Summer

The pool just looked too inviting.

Ben only had 15 minutes of swim practice left in the indoor pool. I was sitting in the sun, getting some work done, glancing at the outdoor pool that was only open to lap swimmers. The mushroom shower on the shallow end was off. A couple of the lanes were in use. I wasn't going to swim laps anyway -- I am definitely a runner, not a swimmer. But according to my calendar, the one that begins this season in May and ends it the day before the first NFL game, this was last the day of summer.

I had to jump in the pool one more time.

I grabbed my goggles and walked around the to deep end, which has been incredibly clear lately, so much that I can see how deep it goes down -- a little unnerving for someone who's still somewhat afraid of deep water. I didn't hesitate and hopped in. The plunge felt like summer, one last time. The water was slightly chilly, but the experience was worth it.

I made a good show of it for the lifeguard by swimming one lap, then grabbing a kickboard and swimming another. I don't think he would have cared that I jumped in, as long as I wasn't playing Marco Polo or Sharks and Minnows. Michael cane outside after shooting around inside for a while, and I floated on the shallow end while we talked. Eventually, I got out, collected Ben, and we picked up Little Caesar's for dinner.

I had concluded summer.

Sure, the day wasn't just that. I worked in the morning, co-oped in the afternoon, and picked up Ben's team's soccer jerseys. I watched a "Facts of Life" episode I hadn't seen in 30 years (with Eve Plumb guest-starring!) and took the dog for a walk. And I'm starting to get seriously tired, so I'm going to wrap this post up, and the summer. I'm not making any judgements of the past summer -- it was what it was: fun at times, exhausting at others, and occasionally frustrating. No regrets, and no feeling like it was wasted. Just went by too fast, but at the same time, ended right as I needed it to.

Until next summer, when I first jump into the deep end and blog about every day during my favorite time of the year ...

Now bring on football.


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