Up for air

The last two weeks have been phenomenally busy with family and work. Today, I completed a work milestone I had been working on for more than a month, and with it, I finally feel like I can breathe again.

So with this lungful of fresh air, what am I going to write about? Fall has astronomically begun. The boys are deep into their routines, although Ben's will change here with fall baseball ending and winter swim team beginning in about two weeks. We will be on vacation in three. Halloween is five weeks from Saturday. Christmas is three months away.

I hate when I get into these absolutely swamped periods because I don't stop to just enjoy the day. I don't write. I don't spend nearly as much time with the boys as I should. I get nothing done around the house. I'm only looking toward the next milestone, the next chance to get a deep breath.

I don't have quite a solution to this other than taking a deep breath tonight as I write this. Can I include something from my day? I played Super Mario Kart with the boys. I co-oped at school and helped with two P.E. classes. I sliced my finger open trying to slice a loaf of bread (and I still have blood on my ankle on which it splattered from my index finger; thankfully, it wasn't so bad that I needed a stitch). I walked the dog, and now am sitting on my porch in the cool night after the hot day (at least 90 degrees).

My goal for tomorrow: Keep up the breathing ...


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