I 8 the sandbox

First, some context on the title (wait for the Bert and Ernie part, about 45 seconds in):

I once showed this to Ben and his kindergarten classmates back in the day, and though they thought it was funny, they were shocked that a kids' show used "stupid" so casually. But remember, Bert was kind of an anti-hero (just like Oscar was). He would mellow, of course ...


I have high hopes for the front lawn this year, now that it's spring. Minus the bare patches, it's already looking not too bad, and I think if I get the EZ Seed onto the bald spots now -- and keep watering (that's what got me last year) -- I may make progress. The back lawn is growing strong too, but mostly with weedier grass. I will have to run the weed whacker through it soon; the growth is a little too difficult for the manual lawnmower. Still wondering at what point I buy another electric mower ...


I'm sitting on our porch writing tonight and looking at our RAV-4, which I still don't believe we own despite it being almost a year. And I see the Corolla, almost 19 years in our care. Six more years and our little sedan officially becomes a classic car.


I've been eating like hell lately. Partly have been too randomly munchy, and partly not working outside of my kitchen enough -- it's just too easy to think I'm hungry when I'm not. I need to start tracking my food intake again ...


Well, this was a random post. I wanted to write something tonight, which is better than nothing. I will leave you with this (and yes, times have changed -- jesters generally don't get crushed on educational television anymore):


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