Summer 2017: Day 72, Vacation Day 4

Lori and I celebrated our 20th anniversary today. We drove to Madison without the kids to reminisce, visit some of our old haunts, and look forward.

I had called the hotel where our reception was to see if we could get in the hall and have one dance, to the song we danced to first 20 years ago. Unfortunately, there was a luncheon in progress, so that didn't work. But Kathy from the hotel let us browse the top floor and the nice staircase, and took some pictures for us. We ate lunch (a great salad bar) in their restaurant, and they brought us free champagne and dessert. This was such a wonderful gesture. That could have been our day, but it was just starting.

We also walked the square, visited the smaller Wednesday farmer's market (and bought fresh cheese curds), visited Lori's old work, strolled down State Street, bought the boys t-shirts at the UW bookstore, drove to the west side, visited the church we got married at explored our old neighborhood, bought Klarbrunn's at Woodman's (which is even crazier than it was 20 years ago), and found a park on Lake Mendota to sit and talk for a little while. Our plan was to find someplace for a nice dinner, but instead, we were content to go to Michael's Custard for their great burgers (my bacon double had the most bacon I've ever had on a burger) and a sundae. Then, we headed back to Chicago, making great time.

Lori and I did get that dance, just on our own, at my dad's house. It was the perfect ending to the day. The only thing I would have done differently was jumped in the lake -- I had went in to my knees and it was warm; we hadn't decided on Michael's at that point, and I could have been a little soggy on my anniversary ...


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