Summer 2017: Day 76, Vacation Day 8

There was a hangover today. Not a bad one, but I'm definitely too old to be drinking too much at weddings ...

Fortunately, I cut off the hangover at the pass early, and my headache was gone by 10 a.m. We met the boys and Lori's family at a Croatian church's festival on Milwaukee's west side. We hung out there for a little while, and the boys went with Lori's sister and new brother-in-law to Great America while Lori and I got the rest of the day mostly to ourselves. We drove by her old house and hung out at a Collectivo coffee shop in Wauwatosa for a while, then drove back into the city. I managed a two-hour nap at Sara's house (dozing off listening the Cubs' game; they were winning when I fell asleep and losing by five when I woke up ...). The rest of the evening was spent hanging out on Sara's porch, eating dinner (Sara grilled some steak and vegetables), and playing Settlers of Catan.

Through a driving rainstorm to leave Milwaukee, we drove to Kenosha to pick up the boys, who had a blast at Great America. We got a bite to eat with the in-laws and the cousins, then headed back to my dad's house in Chicago. The long weekend finally came to a close.


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