Admiral Halsey notified me

What's the point of a stay-at-home-dad's blog if not to post the occasional cute story of his kids?

Let me explain my Saturday first. Usually, I don't get Saturdays off; rarely, I get a whole weekend. This weekend is the exception, and over Father's Day, too. We accompanied Eldest to one of his friend's birthday party in the afternoon, and he had a lot of fun (firefighters from the local fire department came to the party, let the kids explore the truck a little, then turned on a hose for them). We came back home and tried to relax, but discovered we had two crabby kids who needed naps. We decided to drive out to this burger/ice cream place about 45 minutes away that had a train theme. Thankfully, both boys fell asleep on the way. After a nice though slightly chaotic dinner (Eldest was fascinated by the trains, of course; Littlest ate almost a whole grilled cheese), we headed out of the mountains back home.

Now, Eldest didn't want to go and threw a little fit, so to try to appease him a little, I put on "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" by Paul McCartney. For those of you who don't know the song, it's a classic early-'70s McCartney song that's two distinct songs melded together (one of his trademarks as a solo artist). And it's also was playing the first time I ever heard Eldest spontaneously laugh with no effort from us. He was about 4 months old, and I was driving him around when it came on the radio, and when it got to the really upbeat part later in the song, he just started laughing.

More recently, he heard it and I repeated the line "Butter Pie" and he repeated it himself, complete with a faux toddler English accent. This has been going on for a few weeks, so I found it on my iPod (which I brought along and hooked into the car radio) thinking it would cheer him up. It did, as we kept saying "Butter Pie". So the song ends, the next one comes on, and we hear Eldest singing something from the back seat. We turn the radio down, and to our surprise, he's singing another part of the song, the chorus. It was so cute to hear "Hands across the water, water, hands across the sky" from a 3-year-old, for five minutes.

It was nice to get out on a warm summer evening as a family, especially this weekend. It will happen many times more, I'm sure, but I'll never forget that ride back.


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