No Sleep 'til Brooklyn

I have a fun sleep pattern.

A couple nights a week, I work until midnight, come home, need at least an hour to unwind, then finally get to sleep. Some mornings I sleep later, some mornings I wake up early and try to sneak a nap during the day.

The other nights of the week, I'm home. Theoretically, it should be easy for me to get to bed early, get eight hours of sleep, be refreshed the next morning and the next day.

Not quite. I still find it difficult to go to sleep before 11 on my nights off. This was the case before I went part-time -- I couldn't get off the late-night routine. I thought it would be easier to flip it the other way, but after almost six months, that hasn't happened.

There are some mitigating factors -- I do sometimes get sucked into whatever I was doing before 10:30 p.m. Like tonight -- I took the first season of "Murder One" out of the library and watched a couple episodes tonight. At least I try multitasking, like updating this blog, for example, but I wonder if I'm not winding down by this. It being summer doesn't help, it's still non-dark after 9 p.m.

It's not so bad -- I am getting to bed before midnight most nights, and that's better than before. Still gunning for 11 p.m.

Oh, "Murder One" was one great show.


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