Dive dive dive

Two milestones from the offspring today. First, Littlest took three steps this morning. He has been standing, crouching from a standing position (without sitting down), doing this bear walk that looks more difficult than actual walking, but no steps beyond one falling forward. But today, I stood him up, tried to get him to walk to me, and before he realized what he was doing (he was a little crabby at the time), he took a few steps. Even Eldest noticed it and exclaimed "He's walking!" Littlest took two steps later on. Just a matter of time before he gets it down pat, then he starts running, then my life gets more difficult. Make no mistake, I can't wait for him to walk, it's just the aftermath that is sometimes overrated.

Second milestone: Eldest jumped off the diving board at the pool. Just a low dive, Wife was waiting in the water to guide him to the side (not to catch him, either -- just to make sure he remembered he could swim over to the side), and it was more walking off the board than diving, but still, he went off the diving board. And not just once -- EIGHT TIMES. The little boy does not have a lot of fear, though he did get a little freaked out by a friendly lost dog meandering outside the JCC (Jewish Community Center, like a YMCA, yes, we're Catholic, we're in the most Mormon place in the world and we belong to a Jewish Community Center). So he has a little fear, but so much determination to have fun.


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