Fever pitch

We were going to go to the pool Friday morning. We had made plans with the mom of a girl from Eldest's pre-preschool class (a 3-year-old girl, by the way, who has told her mom she was going to marry Eldest! That's my boy!) to meet their family late morning. Eldest was excited to go, as usual, and was in a good mood. I started getting Littlest ready, and by the time I got his trunks on and applied sunblock, Eldest was out of commission, almost asleep, running a fever.

The amazing thing was that not 5 minutes earlier, Eldest looked fine. It hit that quick. The evening before, he complained his mouth hurt, but he was only pointing at his mouth, what I realized this morning was that it was his throat that hurt. I now was suspecting strep after he pointed at his mouth again and realized he hadn't eaten much over the last 18 hours. I checked his temperature -- 103 on the first reading. That's warm. After some Tylenol, it did drop to about 100-101, but he still wasn't in a good mood, particularly after a little while later, when he saw his swim trunks and realized he wasn't going swimming.

But, Eldest got a good nap, as did Littlest, and was in a better mood in the afternoon. Wife took him to the doctor, where he was given a quick strep test that came back NEGATIVE. So, unless the full test comes back positive (the doctor said there is a 10 percent chance the quick test doesn't detect strep right away), we don't know what Eldest has. He was in a mostly good mood the rest of the night, after I went to work -- he and Wife watched movies, even called me because he was wondering where I was at, until he fell asleep. He woke up when I got home and wanted me to read him a couple books.

I hope he's feeling better Saturday. Poor little dude.


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