The Fresh Maker!

We had a roll of Mentos in our house that Wife brought home from a work function, and Eldest wanted one. When I informed him they were mints, he really wanted one, as he recently discovered the curious strength of Altoids. Needless to say, he loved the Mentos and kept asking for more, I cut him off at five. A funny thing happened then, we were out for a walk, a limo was blocking the crosswalk, and instead of waiting, Eldest ate a Mento and walked through the limo to get to the other side (actually, he led us through, he's not allowed to cross the street without holding my hand), eliciting a smile from the driver. Then our car was boxed by this businessman, and Eldest got four burly guys to pick it up and move it. Of course the businessman chuckled! Alas, I couldn't get Eldest to show off the Mentos roll no matter what I tried. Maybe next time we'll save the Mentos for a bottle of Diet Coke.

Tomorrow, I'm going to give Eldest a chocolate bar, I'm going to walk around with some peanut butter, and we'll see what innovative chaos ensues.


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