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Coming soon to a theater near you (pretend this is the movie trailer voice): In a world where everything is in an orderly place, on little boy will upset the status quo. Prepare yourself, for The Relocator.

Littlest is walking really well now. After a few months of mostly crawling with some steps here and there, he is a full-time walker, and he's starting to pick up speed, too. With his new skills, his new penchant of picking up things and putting them someplace else, somplace we either can't find the item or are surprised by its new location, has grown by leaps and bounds. Nothing within his reach is immune -- books, toys, magazines, cell phones, eyeglasses, iPods, sippy cups -- anything we leave too accessible. We started calling him "The Remover" though a friend suggested "The Relocator" which I like better, though both monikers sound like the title of a Jason Statham (he of "Transporter" fame) movie. Wife and I have wised up and started putting keys and such up higher, but I wasn't wise enough to keep Littlest out of my wallet.

So the other day, I walk into the boys' room and find my Visa. Littlest had found my wallet and started took my emergency credit card out. Cute, huh? Later on, I find him with my wallet again, and this time, the Visa and my money market card are gone. And I couldn't find them, anywhere. The Relocator struck again, and this time he did a good job of relocating the cards. We did find my library card under the bed, but not the two other cards. As a precaution, just to make sure I didn't lose them somewhere (which I'm 99 percent convinced I didn't), we canceled the cards. I'm certain I'm going to find the two cards before the new ones arrive. Or, better yet, Littlest will walk right up to me with one of them in his hands.


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