The great outdoors

Wife and I are not campers. We love the woods and the mountains, but we also love indoor plumbing and soft beds. The boys may drag us kicking and screaming into an overnight camping trip someday, maybe soon.

We visited some friends who were camping at a state park on a large resevoir about an hour from us. We only went for a few hours, and it was fun. It was mostly low-key, did a little hiking and hung out. Both boys had fun, Littlest just likes being outside, Eldest had a blast on the hike and walking our friends' little dog. We came back down by the lake, and Eldest got to ride on a Wave Runner! Our friend took him, and she wasn't going to go very fast, until Eldest asked her to go faster. She still didn't go that fast, but he had so much fun. He's not fearless, but he'll never turn down a chance to be adventurous.

So we were leaving, and Eldest is sad, saying he wants to stay and go on another boat ride. I get a sense he'd love a campout, probably Littlest too. Our friends invited us next year to stay overnight when they camp, maybe we will. But I'm reserving the right to find a hotel in the middle of the night. One with a hot tub, too.


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