A house with six mammals

Sunday, we took the boys to a Super Pet Adoption at the local PetSmart. Two tents of dogs for adoption, and one of cats. We knew the risks, but luckily, did not add any pets to our house.

We went for a few reasons. We knew it would be fun for the boys, especially Eldest. Lately, he's been somewhat apprehensive toward dogs, and the last time we went to one of these, he was a little freaked out by all the barking. We left this event with him saying "I'm not afraid of dogs anymore!" We'll see if that holds true, but he definitely wasn't as spooked.

Wife and I do want to get a dog someday, not yet. Our cats are 13, and they just got used to the idea of having two littl'uns in the house, a dog might push them over the edge. But events like this give us an idea of what size we're looking for, what temperament, etc. We may get one before while the cats are still with us, and I can't imagine a day where we don't have a cat in our house (that's always a challenge, too at an adoption like this, that we might add a cat or two, but we've never been that tempted as we are sometimes with a dog). Still, I wonder if someday we are going to attend another pet adoption, without looking for a dog to take home that day, and see the dog we know was meant for us and vice versa.

It was a fun time, capped off to our first trip to a Utah location of Chipotle. Very good burrito.


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