The classic fall

The Cubs are back in the playoffs, and once again, they are destined to break my heart, as well as all millions of other suffering fans.

I'm not sure what's worse, to have the Cubs be bad all the time or to occasionally tease us with these trips to the playoffs. This is the fifth season in my lifetime they have been in the postseason, and I'm almost positive there will not be a World Series in their immediate future.

Through the years of heartbreak, there's always been a catalyst, something that turned destiny into resignation. The black cat, Leon Durham's glove, Les Lancaster forgetting the pitch count, Brant Brown almost blowing the Cubs' chance to get into the playoffs in 1998, or Steve Bartman, it's always something. And that something isn't necessarily the reason the Cubs lose, but just the ominous sign of imminent doom -- Bartman didn't lose that game in 2003, but as soon as it happened, I looked at Wife and said "That's it, they are going to lose this game and Game 7."

I'm not sure if there will be a catalyst this year. The Cubs are already down 1-0 after losing to the Diamondbacks on Wednesday night. Well, there's always my kids' lifetimes.


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