This magic moment

Four years ago, when Wife was very pregnant with Eldest, we were sitting in her OB/GYN's office waiting for her appointment, and I was perusing Parents magazine. It was the October issue, featuring kids in Halloween costumes, kids dressed for fall, school advice as well as all the usual stuff you'd find in a parenting magazine. There were several "Wow, I'm having a kid" moments throughout the pregnancy, but this is one of the few that really stands out.

I'm reading the magazine, and I realize, this will be my child dressing up for Halloween someday. It will be my child dressing warm for a crisp fall day, one in which I walk him to school. And through all of the imaginings of what his life would be like, this for some reason resonated.

Well, part of that came true today, as I walked Eldest, decked out in fall clothes to school on a crisp October morning. It wasn't quite as overcast as I'd imagined, and the leaves aren't quite falling here in Utah yet, and it was just taking him to preschool, but the whole experience did pack a minor emotional wallop.

Combine that with something I felt Sunday -- dropping him off at CCD, in the main hall of the school (his preschool is in a newer part of the building, the effect isn't the same) that just smelled like grade school, my old Catholic grade school, that mix of gentle cleaning agents, Elmer's glue and textbooks -- and I'm even more amazed I have kids, and that they are growing up, and all the things I wondered about are happening or will indeed happen. It's incredible, sad, astounding and wonderful at the same time. At least it was the past two days.


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