Trick or treat

Today was Halloween, and the boys had fun, most of the time. We had fun, most of the time. It was a good day, except for a couple little bumps, literally.

Wife helped throw the Halloween party for Eldest's preschool class, and it went well. He also participated in the school's parade, which was fun and a little exasperating -- he just didn't want to follow the parade route all the time, then didn't want to leave the playground after the parade was over. I think I'm coming to realize that on days like this, we should expect the kids to get a little overstimulated and not listen to us and melt down a little.

With the daylight savings time not ending for another few days, it was still light out a 6 p.m. Littlest wasn't going to last until it got dark, so we got ready to go trick or treating. Then, Littlest tumbled off the front porch. I'm not sure if he didn't see the step (he's better with steps, at least knowing he needs to scramble down if he's not confident walking down) or tripped over his costume, and I did catch him as he tumbled, but he still scraped his face a little and got a fat lip. The scrapes did kind of fit the Halloween theme, or would have if he wasn't dressed up as a lion. After crying for a little while, he shook it off and we were ready to go, but not until after a picture -- that Eldest didn't want to sit for. The first trick-or-treaters came by, and we declared to them we were dressed as agitated parents.

Eldest was out of sync the first few houses and still wasn't listening to us, but then he attached himself to some random kids and went house to house with them while Wife followed. I took Littlest, and he was adorable, he'd get a piece of candy and not put it in the basket I was holding, sometimes instead putting it in the next house's candy bowl. We only took him on our block, while Eldest caught up with some of our neighbors and the group hit a few other blocks in the neighborhood.

Eldest made out like a bandit. We have a lot of chocolate, too much even for me. He was saying thank you on his own about half the time, the other half I had to remind him, and he'd usually say it on his way back. But other than that, all the other issues of him disappeared, he had fun with his friends, wasn't too scared (except for a barking chihuhua that had to be five pound lighter than one of our cats, he ignored the mechanical ghost and fixated on the yipping), and didn't put up a fight when he wanted to go home. He trick-or-treated, he tired out, came home, had a snack, fell asleep. All according to plan.

Boo. Halloween with overstimulated children wasn't so scary after all.


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