Little slugger

Eldest is playing 4-year-old T-ball this fall. No outs, no runs, everybody bats, everybody runs the bases, all the fielders chase the ball no matter where it's hit. I'm coaching this team, which, because parents are encouraged to help in the field, doesn't involve too much more than helping the players at the plate and being careful not to get hit with the bat. Actually, it's been a lot of fun, and Eldest has been having a ball.

And today, I saw his potential. First at-bat, he fouled the ball off twice and hit the tee twice. Second at-bat, he swung down into the tee. After repositioning him and telling him to swing straight instead of down, he lined the ball over the infielders' heads. In three games, it was the highest, hardest hit ball I had seen. A few other parents couldn't believe how good he hit it. Since no one really plays outfield, the whole other team chased the ball while he ran to first.

I hate to be one of those parents that overestimates their child's athletic ability, but damn, for that one moment, I was thinking he could be good at this sport. I shouldn't get my hopes up too much, though, because next week he could forget to swing straight and instead put that bat into my groin.


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