What are you going to do about it?

I experienced a smidgen of an epiphany today that I'm going to share.

I'm sure I have already written about the perception and the passing of time, when it seems to go more quickly, when it seems to slow down, etc. I am almost 20 years removed from graduating high school and starting college. Wife and I are coming up on 15 since we started dating. In some ways, it seems like a long time, and in other ways, it has sped by so fast that I can't believe that here I am, age 37, 20 years out of high school, 15 years as a couple.

Then something else occurred to me, though it's been nagging for a couple days after hearing a Buddy Holly song and thinking about how cool it would have been to be a teenager in the late 1950s as rock 'n' roll was emerging. Those teenagers are coming up on 70 in a couple years. Going back to my 20-year reality, in 20 years I'll be 58. Aside from hoping that in 20 years 58 will be the new 45, it hit me that these next 20 might go slow or fast, or a mix of both. And then rather than dwelling upon that, another thought popped into my head, a challenge to myself:

"What are you going to do about it?"

Looking at the last 20 years, there's much I've accomplished of which I've been proud, and much I wish I would have accomplished. So what's in store for the next 20? Accomplishing more new things of course, being the best husband and father possible, but also achieving the things that I missed/procrastinated/blown off/not even attempted in the last 20. "What are you going to do about it?" implies learning from the past experiences and applying it to the future. It's a call to action. No past regrets, no future excuses. Nothing left on the table.

So what am I going to do about it today? I just did do something, I wrote this out, hopefully making my new mini-mantra all the more potent.


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