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Littlest is a skinny 3-year-old, much like I was 30-something years ago. It's simply his metabolism, not because he doesn't eat. And today, he ate.

We're wrapping up a trip to Moab, and today we hiked at Arches National Park and swam in the hotel pool. We've done this for a few days now -- hiked and swam. The combination must have sent Littlest's appetite into overdrive, because I have never seen a 32-pound tall 3-year-old eat as much as he did today.

First, he ate a big breakfast, including a whole bowl of Apple Jacks, part of a bagel, half an apple (no idea why he ate Apple Jacks with an apple), some yogurt and chocolate milk. On the way to Arches, he wanted some Pringles, so we gave him the can, which was a mistake. He ate about two-thirds of a big can of cheddar cheese Pringles, and he wasn't just casually munching on them -- he was eating them as if there was a deadline. Maybe he thought Eldest was going to take the can away, but whatever the reason, we had to actually clean him up of cheese residue when we finally parked the car.

Littlest didn't eat a lot of lunch, maybe because of his Pringle binge, but he wasn't done pigging out. After swimming, we went to dinner at an Italian restaurant. We ordered the boys a small cheese pizza to split, and we also had a side of pasta available. The pizza was too hot, so he asked for some noodles. He proceeded to eat about 75 percent of the pasta side, and it wasn't a small plate. But apparently, that wasn't enough, because he then ate two slices of pizza. We got back to the room, and I bought the boys ice cream Push-Ups from the hotel's little store -- and of course he ate that.

Maybe it's been our active trip, or maybe it's a growth spurt, but more than likely, it's just a genetic metabolism that he'll be stuck with growing up. I'll warn him that someday, that metabolism will slow down. Hopefully, he'll enjoy it while it lasts.


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