Still the tallest

Eldest has been a kindergartner for a little more than a month now. He's doing great, has made some good friends (boys with whom they formed a "Star Wars" club) and looks forward to school every day. We enrolled him at Salt Lake City's Open Classroom school -- a charter school in which the parents help the teacher teach the class. It's been fun for me, not only to watch Eldest in class once a week and to be integrally involved in his education, but also to be part of the class. The last three Wednesdays, I've been teaching a mini course on dinosaurs, which has been fun.

He's grown up so fast -- I'm amazed to see him go through the lunch line (he's full-day twice a week), sit down with his friends, and not be fazed when I go. And yes, he's the tallest in his class, though there's on girl in one of the other kindergarten classes that might be a smidge taller (and a few boys who are close -- two are his good friends and I've been jokingly calling them the "frontcourt" because they'd make a good basketball team). But he's also standing tall for another reason -- he's loving kindergarten.


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