Swim like a fish

I grew up being afraid of water and not having much fun around swimming pools. I've blogged before about how happy I am that my boys don't have that fear and love swimming, but they are further along then I would have ever imagined.

Eldest, at age 5, is some armwork away from being a better swimmer than I am at 38. I was surprised to see him diving for pool toys on the bottom of the pool today (in about 4 feet of water). A couple weeks ago, Littlest, at age 3, decided he too could jump off the diving board, and today he started perfecting a cannonball. He's not quite swimming yet as much as floating and kicking on his back, but he's still more proficient and more confident in the water than the average 3-year-old.

What I'm most happy about is that the boys are having fun swimming. I never did growing up, and I missed out on some things as a result. I'm not the most brave person in the water, but at least I caught up. And at least, along with them, I can make up for some of those things I missed.


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