Batter up!

We are in the midst of baseball season No. 2 this year. The Salt Lake County rec league in which the boys play cram eight games into four weeks inside the University of Utah Fieldhouse. Eldest played coach pitch in the spring league and is playing again this summer; Littlest is playing t-ball for the first time.

So far, so good! Eldest was fielding better this week, and though his hits weren't as impressive as last week, he's doing OK. Littlest is having fun and hit the ball better than any game this season. His problem is not understanding that he's not going to field every ball. It was funny -- last game, we had almost the whole team and he complained he wasn't fielding as much as he wanted to. This game, we only had four players, so he should have gotten the ball more, but in the first inning, he camped out on second base and didn't move, instead high-fiving the opposing team's runners as they came to his base. He decided to field in the next two innings, and it's funny: He doesn't even need to field the ball, just so long as he touches it at some point, maybe throwing it to first and back to the coach or simply handing it to somebody else.

Only three games left. Summer is speeding by ...


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