The nada summer day

Summer is my favorite time of year, and I loathe to waste a day during the summer. But sometimes, you just need a nada day.

Today was a nada day. We had about our fifth consecutive day of temperatures in at least the high 90s and were coming off several busy days for all of us. It just turned into one of those days we didn't do much. Wife went for a run before it got too hot. She did a little shopping with Eldest. I took the boys to Target. I also blogged and played Wii Fit. We made a simple, easy dinner, then watched "Wipeout." Littlest played a game on the DS. Eldest and I played "Lego Indiana Jones." I watered the lawn and garden. And that was about it for a sunny but brutally hot (and a little humid, which is unusual for Utah) day. That was all we seemed to have the energy for -- we theorized taking the boys swimming, then decided we were all too tired (though I'm sure they would have found the energy). One nada summer day once in a while is OK.

We get back into our usual busy, sometimes fun routine this week, including a trip to Lagoon. Vacation is coming up, and nada days on vacation are bad. But on the hottest day of the year, after a busy week, a nada summer day sometimes just happens and is, ultimately, necessary.


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