Party men

Today was a two-birthday party day. The boys went to one in the morning, then Eldest had one in the afternoon that Littlest was also invited to.

The morning party was fun and low-key. About seven kids, with a lot of playtime and some cake. One of the dads who lived by the party house (and whose son is on Eldest's soccer team) invited us over to their house, where the boys played for about 45 minutes more. I didn't want to wear them out, knowing another party was ahead. I took the boys this morning while Wife got some things done, while she was going to take them to the afternoon party while I did some yard work and grilled dinner.

The afternoon party was something else, according to the boys and Wife: three hours of kid-sanity. Eldest got to play with his school friends, while Littlest went on a giant inflatable water slide at least 50 times by Wife's estimation. He also jammed on some musical instruments at the party, and both boys got their faces painted. The boys came home wired from the fun afternoon, while Wife looked more exhausted than they did.

So, we're looking forward to a mellower Sunday that will include a trip to the pool. No clowns, no birthday cake, and hopefully, no overexcited kids. Or adults.


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