I'm sitting on my front porch blogging on July 4 and hearing fireworks go off all over the neighborhood in what must be the most surreal Independence Day I've ever experienced.

The fireworks in Salt Lake City were last night, July 3, because July 4 fell on a Sunday. We did all the holiday stuff yesterday -- rode in the neighborhood parade, grilled, went for a hike to Ensign Peak, saw the Sughar House Park fireworks -- and had a lot of fun. Today simply did not seem like July 4. We didn't do much all morning (Wife did make it out for a run), saw "How to Train Your Dragon" at the budget theater, ate a late lunch on our patio and let the boys play and watch them gradually get crabbier after their late night/early morning lack of sleep. They finally fell asleep tonight around 9, at which time I came outside with the laptop.

Nobody is out on our block setting off fireworks, but I'm hearing it from neighboring streets. I guess it seems surreal because it didn't feel like a holiday today because we celebrated yesterday. Some people obviously have overcome that tonight, and more power to them. I'm just glad I didn't decide to go running tonight -- I would have been looking over my shoulder every time I heard a firework explode through my headphones.

It should be interesting to see what tomorrow is like, with it being the day off for many people. We might go swimming and the boys have baseball tomorrow night. But if anything, it will feel more like a weekend day, just like today did, even if there are more fireworks.


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