Remembering Desdemona

Though we love our new cat Maggie, I still sometimes find myself in disbelief that our last two cats are gone. It just happened so quickly that I haven't got used to the idea that they aren't here anymore.

Wife has already blogged about the passing of Desdemona and Iago, and I'm not going to add too much more. I did want to write a little bit about them, starting with Desdemona.

Wife wanted a new cat after her previous one had died, and I had never owned a cat before. Her parents had a cat who just delivered kittens a month earlier, and we were going to take one home with us. There were three kittens in the litter -- two orange tabbies and a black and white shorthair that was the smallest of the three. I picked the black and white cat up for the first time and she looked at me with the cutest little kitten face that I melted. This was going to be our cat.

Over the years, Desdemona was always a little shier than her brother, but she was always so sweet. She had the cutest meow, would purr loudly when she was happy, and would tap you when she wanted to pet her. If you shooed her away, she would come back and tap you again, adding a cute meow that said "I know you really want to pet me and just don't realize it yet."

Desdemona was a good friend. That cute meow, and that cute look she would shoot at you, will always be missed.


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