Wake up, Maggie

This is my first post of 2011, and so far, 2011 has not been kind. Our 93-year-old neighbor died, our car was broken into and also needed some unexpected repair work (with two major car repairs coming), and well, it's been winter. But the worst part of 2011 has been both our cats dying three weeks apart.

We got Iago and Desdemona as kittens in 1994. Iago had some health problems but had been doing well, and Desi was her usual chipper self at Christmas. But Desi's kidneys failed in early January, and Iago's skin began splitting again just as it had when he was first diagnosed with Cushing's disease two years ago -- and this time, it couldn't be stitched up. We sadly had both cats euthanized.

The house the last two weeks had been lonely without any pets. Lonely until today.

We started looking for a new pet last weekend. We wanted to get a new kitten or a puppy (eventually we'll get both). A couple nights ago, I took the boys to Salt Lake County Animal Services to see if they had any kittens. There, we met Maggie.

I believe finding Maggie was fate. We were in the room with all the cats for adoption, but Maggie, a 5-month-old kitten, was in a cage near the front desk, and I only saw her as we were about to leave. She was curious and playful as we approached the cage. I asked if she was up for adoption, and one worker said no, but then another said, yes and that her adoption fell through. I took her picture and sent it to Wife and said we might have found or next cat.

Today, Wife and I went back to the shelter while the kids were at school. I really just wanted her to meet Maggie to get an opinion. The cat was just as curious as two days ago, and she started purring as soon as Wife held her. Within that first minute, Wife knew this was our new cat. It was fate. Maggie has an ulcerated eye that might heal, and it's not affecting her vision, but we wonder if this was the reason the last people who were going to adopt her didn't.

The boys already love Maggie and played with her for a few hours today. I think Maggie loves them too already. She's still a little skittish around the house, but she'll get used to it. The picture I've posted was after her long day, when she finally tired out. Eldest didn't want to stop playing with her, and we reminded him he'd have years to keep playing with her, that tonight was just the first night.


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