Summer madness in February

Today is the last day of February, but amazingly, we are planning our summer already.

I guess it's not that amazing anymore. In today's society, where kids aren't allowed to just explore on their own anymore, and parents are constantly finding things for their children to do (instead of the kids discovering things to do on their own), it's inevitable that parents must plan summer this far ahead.

The first salvo in our summer planning was buying waterpark passes. Screamin' Daily Deals had an offer for seriously cheap waterpark passes that also included tickets to soccer games, arena football games, motorsports events and a few hockey games. Though I was perturbed the waterpark is under new ownership and won't be open Sundays (f--ing Utah!), it will be nice to be able to go and not make it an event -- there will be no pressure to stay all day to get our money's worth.

But it's not just the waterpark passes. We need to plan vacations, swim camp, maybe swim team for Eldest, soccer camp, baseball, a trip to Lagoon, and maybe another camp for both kids. Once we get it all figured out, all that will be left to planning summer is enjoying summer. The challenge is to ensure we have fun when we aren't scheduled, because the unscheduled summer is just as important.


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