The long winter

Christmas music on the radio ended four months ago. I reflected upon that this morning as a driving through a mild snowstorm -- that the weather really hasn't improved much since December. Granted, the snow here in the valley barely stuck to the grass, but the mountains got more than a foot, adding to a snowpack so far above normal that when the warm weather finally hits, the flooding isn't going to be fun.

The weather the past two months has been unusually bad for spring in Salt Lake City, and I'm worried May will be more of the same. We've had one truly nice day all April. I've been wanting to mow the lawn for the first time but keep getting grass-blocked by rain. I bought new running shoes I wanted to try out, but have been thwarted by rain and snow. Eldest had soccer practice yesterday that was interrupted by a three-minute hailstorm.

With the violent weather in other parts of the country, I know I shouldn't complain too much. OK, Mother Nature, we get it, humanity may have screwed the atmosphere up over the past 125 years and now it's biting us in the rear. Can you let up a little bit and give the whole country some nice, quiet spring weather at least for a few days? And if you want to really impress me, start this nice weather just west of the Rockies.

Only a little more than six months until the Christmas music starts again!


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