I swear, this past week was the fastest of my life. I don't mean the fastest because everything was so great and awesome that time flew because I was having fun. I mean, it was so busy that it was just a total blur.

This is what occurred since Monday morning: Two soccer practices, two school co-ops, two days of the car in the shop, two rush freelance projects that I finished up, two speech therapy sessions for Littlest, haircuts for the boys, a swim lesson for Littlest, a boot camp workout for me (honestly, I'm amazed I squeezed this in), a preschool board meeting for Wife, the NCAA championship, a day of work at the newspaper, a preschool newsletter to prepare, Little Gym classes for both boys, a few playdates, and rotten weather all week. Before I knew it, it was Friday after midnight, home from work. I'm not sure how it went so fast.

This exemplifies how nutty the week was: I went to pick up Eldest from school Thursday, only to discover I don't take him home on Thursdays. I ... thought it was Tuesday. Yes, it was that kind of week.

I'm looking forward to a slow weekend, probably inside because of the continuing rotten weather, with no freelance project to delve into. I'm looking forward to writing plenty this weekend. And I'm hoping next week slows down.


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