Look sir, Droids

I have owned a smartphone for three months now, and honestly, I don't know how I ever lived without one.

Of course, I knew how I lived without one, just like the time in my life I didn't know what it was like to own an iPod, a cell phone, a CD player, a Wii, an Atari 2600, a VCR, a Walkman, a computer, Cool Ranch Doritos, pants that weren't floods, beer whenever I wanted, Strat-o-Matic baseball, effective allergy medication, a king-size bed, a cat and contact lenses. But of all those technological and personal advancements, none has been quite like my HTC Droid Incredible over these past three months.

With my new smartphone, I started following Twitter. Not only can I instantly GPS myself, but I can also run an app that tells me how far I've run and track the route. I can update my fantasy baseball team on it. I can hand it off to my boys to play a game when I need them to be occupied for a few minutes. I can watch music videos wherever I want. I can see what the weather is going to be like (and with a new app I just downloaded for free, I can be notified of weather alerts). I can hear Pandora or Slacker anywhere I want. I can be an angry bird. Via apps, I can keep up with websites that I otherwise don't have that much time to follow on a computer. I can check my e-mail. I can look up random trivia when the need arises. I can identify a song that I hear on the radio (damn, I love Soundhound). I can listen to radio stations from all over the country. Oh yeah, I can call, take pictures and text with the phone.

However, the highlight might have come tonight with my MLB At-Bat app. It's the only app I've actually spent money on, but it's been mostly worthwhile, as it allows me to listen to any Major League Baseball game on my phone. Aside from some choppy connection issues that seem to have been corrected, I've enjoyed listening to Cubs games and other teams' broadcasts. I didn't get the video option, which is much more expensive and more designed for iPad. But with my MLB radio app, I do get one free game (chosen by the league) to watch on my phone every day.

Tonight, I watched a couple innings of the Rangers-Blue Jays game. This was the best part -- the boys watched the same couple innings. I wanted to see if the Cubs were the free game, but launched the chosen game to show Wife and the boys how cool it was. And instead of wanting me to read to them as they wound down for sleeping, they wanted to watch the baseball game. They didn't last long before getting tired, which was fine, good in fact because it was lights out before 8:30.

Wife predicted I would love a smartphone, but I'm not sure if she thought I'd be this crazy over one. In a few years, look for a similar post from me gushing over my first smart tablet.


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