Name my blog!

In the past several weeks, I've been pleased with the amount of posting I have managed on this blog. All this writing has felt good, too, and is inspring me to write more. I'm going to restart my NFL blog this month, and I want to start a dads blog and a Generation X blog, hopefully both soon. The challenge is finding time to write all four and promote them. I'm finding time to write one semi-consistently, but can I make time to write four amid being a stay-at-home dad, working part-time, freelancing, exercising (the Ragnar is less than three months away) and chauffeuring the kids to and from their plethora of activities? I'm going to try. I need to try.

I want to start the Gen X blog next. My goal of the blog is part nostalgia (OK, a large part nostalgia), but also is writing about issues that concern adults of my generation. We were young, optimistic and ambitious 20 years ago, and now we're all parents and at an place in our life that we considered middle-aged when are own parents were this old. So besided looking at the past, I want to examine the present.

Who am I kidding, the new blog is going to me mostly looking at the past. One series of posts I've been working on is the top 10 WTF music videos of the 1980s -- expect a deep analysis of "Love is a Battlefield." I want to start all this soon, but I'm encountering one problem: I don't know what to name this blog.

For a while, I was thinking to play off "Generation X" with something like "Gen Xcessive." However, anything online, particularly in the Web address, with an "X" in it is going to conjure images and alert Internet filters of an adult website. So I'm trying to come up with a name that screams "Gen X" without actually saying "Gen X." I thought of combining names familiar to our generation: "Punky Fonzarelli" or "Dexy's Atari Nirvana." I thought of simply going with a nonspecific, somewhat generic name {"Click and Point" -- eh, but you get the idea) and hope readers then associate the title with the blog.

Perhaps I'm worrying about the name too much, but I want to come up with something catchy enough that people remember, and want to visit, the blog. Of course, I need to write quality content for people to want to come back to the site. A good title can only help that.


lfg said…
You need to offer a prize to the winning entry. Something from your vast music collection maybe...
JP said…
Blah, Blah, Blahg.

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