Summer 2016: Day 71; Vegas, Day 4

The temperature got to 112 today in Sin City. Sweltering, but fortuitous -- whenever the temp tops 110, the High Roller Observation wheel is $10 off. Lori was going to take the boys (kids 12 and under are free) while I found a cool place to work, but because we were already planning to pay for one adult, the discount was practically a 2-for-1 and I joined them on the same wheel Ben and I rode back in March. The view was nice, and the we had a whole air-conditioned car to ourselves.

Michael played his last game of the tournament, and the kids actually made a game of it but lost by seven. He wasn't as frustrated today, though they still committed too many turnovers. We hung out by the pool after the game, and went for all-you-can eat sushi after the High Roller. Michael's rough basketball experience aside (today, he was accidentally bitten by another player ...), it's been a good trip.


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